Slack alerts on top of your customer data.
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Enable your revenue teams with real-time actionable insights to uncover opportunities and improve conversions.

HyperSwell integrates Slack with your data warehouse to ensure everyone gets timely updates on key events

Stop wasting time and missing opportunities. Get real-time alerts in Slack.

Supercharge your revenue teams with customer data

Trigger Slack alerts based on changes in your data such as key business metrics, new customers, product usage, and user behavior.
Or pretty much anything you need.

For Sales Team

Increase free-to-paid conversions and revenue. Let sales reps focus on leads that have the highest chance to convert based on firmographics and usage.

Customer Fit

Company Rath PLC (account created: 3 mins ago) has High customer fit score based on its firmographics.

Usage Score

Company Grady LLC (company size: 201-500; Total Funding: $51.1M) has High product usage score based on its recent activity.

Upsell Opportunities

Company Hudson Group (company size: 201-500; MRR: $2,420) has significant usage increase in the last 2 weeks.

New Deals

Huzzah! Company Quigley LLC (company size: 201-500; Industry: software) has just purchased $7,920 ARR subscription!

Integrates with data tools you trust

Send alerts to Slack syncing data from anywhere you have it.

Health Score

Company Grady LLC (company size: 201-500; Total Funding: $51.1M) has A2 Health Score based on its recent activity.

Churn Risk

Company Turner-Dickens (company size: 201-500; ARPA: $1,200) is 80% likely to churn based on its recent usage pattern.

Customer Lookup

Company Hirthe LLC has:
Health Score: A2
Users: 12 active users
Last seen: April 20, 2021
Total sessions: 4,350

User Reports

You have 12 Tier One accounts that haven’t been activated in 14 days after purchase!

For Customer Success

Prevent low NPS and improve churn rate with better data and timely reaction. Use customer data to identify “at-risk” customers.

For Finance & Operations

Unify all your teams around consistent data accessible at their fingertips within the app they already use and love – Slack.

Failed Payments

We were unable to process payment from Company Hudson Group (company size: 201-500; MRR: $2,420) for $1620

Overdue Invoices

Company Turner-Dickens (company size: 201-500; ARPA: $10,200) has 3 overdue invoices for $4650

New Tickets

You got a new emergency ticket from Tier One account: Quigley LLC (company size: 1000+; MRR: $21,420)

Low Inventory

It’s time to order! Dewalt 15Amp DWS715 has fallen below the threshold at location IN Warehouse B26

From your data warehouse to Slack. Without code or engineers.

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