Metabase Slack Integration

Set up our Metabase Slack Integration to send instant alerts to Slack for every data event that matters to your business.

Metabase Slack integration that brings data visibility

Timely Slack alerts for key data aspects such as new customers, number of open tickets, MRR, or changes in your growth rate. Well, anything that can help teams to stay on top of your business!


Trigger Slack alerts based on new users that fit your profile or the growth of your customer base.

Product usage

Keep an eye on overall product usage metrics or changes in the behavior of particular customers.


Failed payments or overdue invoices? Or maybe low inventory? Alert the responsible!

Data for everyone. From managers and frontline staff to CEOs.

Successful businesses are all data-driven. To become one, it’s not enough just to collect and store the data in a data warehouse. Even beautiful dashboards and reports wouldn’t do the thing. Checking dashboards is time-consuming and all the reports can get lost in everyday routine. 

What’s then? You need to enable every team member to access this data within the app they already use – Slack.

Bring your entire team to the next level with our easy-to-use visual builder of data alerts allowing everyone to make better-informed decisions with timely data insights.

From your data warehouse to Slack. Without code or engineers.

Start using HyperSwell today. Take advantage of the 14-day free trial.

Guide to using the integration

Connect your Slack

If that’s a new HyperSwell account and/or you haven’t done this yet, first of all, go ahead and connect your Slack. From the Dashboard click the “Connect my Slack” button and allow HyperSwell to access your Slack workspace.

Connect your data source

The very first thing you need to do is to connect your Metabase account. Go to HyperSwell Dashboard and in the list of Data Sources click the “Add a Database” link.

At the top of the next page select Metabase in the “Data source type” dropdown. Then fill in all the required fields and click Continue. If necessary, log in to your Metabase account at and give HyperSwell permission to access your Metabase account. No json files or anything needed here.

If you need more information or help to connect or configure your account, read our step-by-step docs at our help center.

Create alert

Now you can create an alert and set automation. From any page click the “New alert” button located at the top right corner.

On the New Alert creation page, select Metabase in the “Data source for alert” field. Next, type your SQL query in the SQL area below. At any point, you can preview the results by clicking the “Play” button on the bottom left corner of the SQL editor.

Below, enter your notification – an alert that will be delivered to a selected slack channel (please, select one of your slack channels in the dropdown field below). Please note that you can deliver notifications to both private and public channels.

Now, configure the frequency by choosing one of the options.

And this is almost it! When you’re done with all the settings, click on the “Save” button and give the alert a name.

Enable alert

Once you created an alert, you will be redirected to its page. By default, your alert is in the disabled status. To enable it please switch the toggle on in the top right corner.


HyperSell is an open-source solution. Find more details on Github.

If you need any additional information on our API, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info @