Pipedrive Slack Integration

Use our Pipedrive Slack integration to get instant alerts in Slack based on events and data changes in your Pipedrive account to keep your entire team up to date.

Pipedrive Slack integration that fits your needs

Make sure that every team – sales, customer success, marketing, finance, and operations – gets all the updates they need to stay on top of every deal you have in the pipeline and customers you have in your base.

Leads & Deals

Get instant updates on new qualified leads and deals that move through your sales pipeline.


Send alerts on due and overdue activity that your team members scheduled in Pipedrive.


Keep an eye on your subscription revenue. Get notifications on expansions and contractions.

Keep your team focused, organized, and confident.

A new qualified lead that requires immediate attention? Or a deal that meets particular criteria like deal size or customer profile?

In many cases timely response is crucial. Act instantly with alerts in Slack so that your team will always know what to focus on and never miss opportunities:

  • new assigned activities, leads, deals, or emails received 
  • deal stage changes 
  • new closed-won or closed-lost deals
  • customer expansion and contractions
  • new chat requests
  • due and overdue activities scheduled in Pipedrive
  • changes in a particular field in Pipedrive

You name it!

Our Pipedrive Slack integration basically allows you to send Slack alerts based on anything that happens in your Pipedrive account.

From your data warehouse to Slack. Without code or engineers.

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